My name is Charlit (Sh-are-lit) and I am a 2D/3D artist based out of so-called Canada. 

DM on insta ; )

My work continues to change as I navigate the intersections between 2D image-making and the constant advancement of 3D, however communicating emotion through tone and style will always be the top priority ✿

The past few years I have worked in the animation industry as a texturing artist, hybrid asset lead, assistant art director, matte painter and lighting artist- as well as pursuing freelance,  workshop facilitation and personal projects.

I am currently wrapping up my MA of 3D animation at IADT which focuses on the impact of avatar design in social VR. This project combined all of my interests in such an exciting way!
I hope to do similar work in the future : 3

If you’d like to work together please reach out! (Especially if you need someone to draw frogs, work on a YA gothic fiction about lesbian vampires, commission BTS fanart or just chat about Sailor Moon 👀) 

Thank you~

🌞️All Works © Charlit 2021 🥀️