Episode 18 - Shingo's love! Sorrow French Doll

Chei are not pleased with the aesthetics of this episode.


Mei 0:18
My name is Mei.

Charlit 0:20
My name is Charlit.

Mei 0:22
Welcome to the sailor mood podcast

Charlit 0:24
Where we keep the magical girls in us alive by reviewing the Sailor Moon anime one episode at a time.

Mei 0:29
This week's episode is "Shingo is love: Sorrow French doll". Okay, so like I thought he had another girlfriend?

Charlit 0:52
Oh my God love triangle.

Mei 0:55
No like I'm asking you.

Charlit 0:56
Oh Shingo? No, I thought that was the girlfriend from before... when, I don't know they were like making fun of him for being friends with the girl.

Mei 1:05
Oh, I guess I don't know. Anyways. Okay, so what's your first impressions?

Charlit 1:10
I actually love dolls. But I did find these dolls creepy.

Mei 1:15
Yeah, I think it was like two color palettes away from being a horror TV show.

Charlit 1:19
It was so scary. Also, the dolls are like weirdly rendered. It's like the human characters are like anime. And then the dolls are like closer to being rendered humans than the main characters.

Mei 1:32
What did you think about like the whole Shingo plot?

Charlit 1:35
You know, I thought it was really interesting. Like there was a lot there.

Mei 1:39
Are.. Are you serious?

Charlit 1:42
Yeah. I mean, I think the fact that like you could tell that Shingo wanted to just take the doll from his friend Mika, because it was she she won this doll making competition and then as a, you know, as like a gift to Shingo to show how much she cares about him. She was gonna give him this doll. And she was like, "Oh my god, a doll. Thank you. Like, that's so sweet, you made this" and then all the kids are like, "Oh my god, what are they doing?" And then he's like, "I don't want it!". That's like so real. That peer pressure to like, show that you actually don't care about this, like, mushy, girly stuff.

Mei 2:17
I guess, man, I really don't care about Shingo. Actually. It's when we started getting on the whole, like, dark Kingdom trajectory. I was like, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. This is what I've been waiting for. You know, like, now, I think I'm just like, over the like, you know, daily life storylines. And I'm just kind of like, let's just get into it. You know, let's just

Charlit 2:44

Mei 2:44
let's just get things moving. Because I'm tired of these like randos taking up airtime. I don't know. I didn't even get any kind of emotional catharsis from Shingo story. Like it just really

Charlit 2:56
Oh my god. I thought it was really nice!

Mei 2:59
Am I looking for too much? Am I asking for too much?

Charlit 3:03
I don't know. I mean, the darkness is very juicy. Like I definitely want to know what happens.

Mei 3:08
Yeah. But anyways, Before we continue, are we going to do a 'Let's catch up'?

Charlit 3:14

Unknown Speaker 3:16
~ It's time to catch up ~

Charlit 3:20
How are you?

Mei 3:21
It just seems so redundant because you just stopped for like half an hour.

Charlit 3:25
Yeah, we talked a little beforehand so we can like name dropping an-

shit talk hahaha Name drop and shit talk.

But me and Mei haven't talked like, at all for the past month. We've been posting like old episodes that we'd already recorded.

Mei 3:38
Yeah. And on that note, the last. I'm truly sorry about the weirdness that was last episode, because, um, I totally messed up and the file did not record properly. So there's like the sudden cliffhanger. Honestly, I don't even remember what happened. I think we just talked about marriage and wedding for a little while. boring stuff.

Charlit 4:07

Mei 4:07

Charlit 4:09
It was so interesting!

Mei 4:11
Actually. I'm not gonna lie. It was it was actually really interesting. Like, there was a lot of epiphanies and revelations, you know, so

Charlit 4:21
Mannn, all we got was setup. Yeah, I'd love to have Mayu on again. That was so cool. Yeah,

Mei 4:27
I think he really had fun. And she was talking about like, comingback. She's like, I never I've never actually even thought about Sailormoon that way, you know, and I was like, yeah.

Charlit 4:36

Mei 4:36
Were there any like interesting things you learned from from the conversation?

Charlit 4:43
I think it was just so interesting hearing her opinions because she was so young when she watched it the first time and now coming back at it. It's like, yeah, like her whole talk about how like she didn't- Oh, no, the talk about how there's always the two characters like the one that like Mamo-Chan who's like, doesn't treat everybody well but treats one girl well, and then the Motoki that like treats everyone kindly and how there's like a saying for that that you would like, tell your friends behind his back. It makes so much sense what I was going through all the manga I read and I was like yeah, no this checks out. Me and Lynn always talk about how we always want this side character like that second guy to get the girl because we're like, He's so nice. He deserves her but then like, yeah, that's a saying like, it makes sense why the asshole usually gets the girl.

Mei 5:37
Yeah. And I was like, you know, like, I first actually while she was saying this, I was thinking to myself, like, I mean, nice guys are still like nice guys. You know, they still like what's wrong with being nice, right?

Charlit 5:52

Mei 5:52
And like, why should they be punished? But then I realized, right in Japan, being nice, and being kind are not the same thing.

Charlit 6:02
It's like polite. Like, if they're polite to everyone.

Mei 6:05
Yeah, they're just like, everyone is just polite. You know, they're just really polite. They're just like, really gentle. And like, there is no, um, I guess, desire for bonding.

Charlit 6:18
Yeah, I also get the feeling that it's not being mean. It's being honest. But I feel like for us, it just comes off as being mean.

Mei 6:25
Yeah, right. Like, Mamoru. He's he Yeah, he's mean, but he's pretty honest. Like, he doesn't cut words. So yeah, that makes sense, right? I'm not gonna rehash like an episode that we already recorded. But I know like, I totally want to get her back on and then maybe even invite somebody else who was a little older, you know?

Charlit 6:49

Mei 6:49
All right. Well, let's talk about what this episode was actually about.

Charlit 6:54
Hold on. I have an update. All right. I've been wanting to do transcripts for the episodes since we first started the podcast because my friend Mikaela was like, are you gonna do transcripts? And I was like, No, nobody listens. Like, we don't need it. But then she was like, well, you should probably think about people that need transcripts. And I was like, oh, true. So I finally got around to doing the first episode. And I made a Tumblr. It's sailormoodpod, the same as our Instagram. And I only have episode one done, but I'm going to try and go through them. Through them all. Oh, yeah. And then I also wanted to talk about defund HPS, which just happened in the past two weeks. I don't know if you saw anything about it.

Mei 7:36

Charlit 7:37
Cool. There's a group in Hamilton. Like they're organizers. And they're called defund HPS Hamilton police services. And they were camping in front of City Hall for the past two weeks, trying to get the city to provide free housing. Yeah, I just like recommend people checking them out. And just like also researching what kind of things are happening in your communities, to provide people with housing because it's like really scary right now we're, especially in Canada, because we're going into winter. And so many evictions are happening in the GTA right now. And people just don't have any options and like defined HPS is doing really great work and I'm sure there's like other organizers, depending on where you are, so yea. It'd be, be cool to look into it, they're doing really great stuff.

Mei 8:27
Defund HPS is just for Hamilton, though, right?

Charlit 8:29
Yeah, Hamilton police.

Mei 8:30
I think there's a Toronto version, too. I can't remember what it is. But they're on Instagram.

Charlit 8:34
Yeah. There's also friends of Chinatown that are working against gentrification and trying to provide affordable housing. I don't know about free housing. But yeah,

Mei 8:42
Yeah! I mean, housing was one of the biggest reasons why I left Toronto. So yeah, we mentioned Well, how terrible it must be now. So...

Charlit 8:51
yeah, and I was looking up like, actually, I don't think I was looking it up. I probably saw it on Instagram. I probably saw it from from the Defund HPS instagram tbh but uh, the housing prices in Hamilton jumped 33% in the past year alone.

Mei 9:11
Why would a job I thought they were doing rent freezes.

Charlit 9:15
I think they did a brief rent freeze, but people are getting evicted now.

Mei 9:22
Man. It's just crazy.

Charlit 9:26
Oh, also One more. One more thing I wanted to. I have notes here. One more thing. So I'm going back to school. And I'm studying social VR right now. So if any of listeners out there want to talk on social VR, primarily VRchat, like let me know, we can be friends.

Mei 9:46
How many people do you know actually have like, a VR headset?

Charlit 9:51
Okay, first of all, you don't need to have your headset to use VR chat. We could just hang out as anime girls in a cute room. I would be in VR but you could just be on your computer. And I know like, honestly, two people that have your headsets. One of them is my sister luckily. So we've been hanging out virtually which is pretty cool.

Mei 10:13
Are you trying to build a little VR cult?

Charlit 10:17
Yeah. I just think it's so interesting. I also think it's just such a fun platform because like, literally anybody can build any world. And you can be anything as long as you can make it.

Mei 10:27
Yo, Why do you think I love playing Ragnarok Online so much? Like, actually I was, I remember this conversation I had with, my ex actually! We used to play Ragnarok Online together. Anyway. And this one time, we were just like sitting in this town. And I was like browsing. I was browsing through all the shops of the town. And he's like, "it's pretty late there. You should go to bed." And I was like, "Yeah, but I don't want to like miss out on anything." And he's like, "what are you gonna miss out on?" And I was like, "I don't know. But like, it just seems like I can't go yet." And he goes, "you know, this is just like a glorified messenger."

Charlit 11:06
Oh, my god ya

Mei 11:07
MSN Messenger2. And I was like, "you're right". And then he's like, okay, "you want to go hunt some pourings" and I was like "Ok." I was actually thinking about, actually, yeah, I downloaded- I'm assuming you never played Final Fantasy? I'm pretty sure you did it.

Charlit 11:26
I've just watched Bridget play.

Mei 11:29
Anyway, okay. So I found like a bunch of anime music and I was just like, like, reminiscing so hard. So I decided to download, um, you know, the mobile version of it. And then I started playing and I was like, You know what, I don't have the capacity for this right now. Like, I need to prioritize my life. I remember-Oh my god, what am I watching

Charlit 11:55
Is this the waifu one?

Mei 11:57
know? Okay, so I clicked on this. Um, so while we were talking, I clicked on this link on it's a game called haven. And the summary goes as such, "two lovers gave up everything in this game to a Lost Planet to be together.

Charlit 12:12

Mei 12:13
-Glide through a mysterious landscape. Explore a fragmented world and fight against what's trying to tear them apart in this RPG adventure about love rebellion and freedom."

Charlit 12:23

Mei 12:24
Anyway, there's like a, there's a scene where they do it.

Charlit 12:26
*gasp* yes.

Mei 12:33

Charlit 12:33
That sounds great.

Mei 12:39
Yeah, so in the trailer, there's they're just totally getting it on.

Charlit 12:43

Mei 12:45
Anyways, so yeah, so I was a bit while I was actually playing the mobile version of Final Fantasy. I remembered that time when I was playing Ni no Kuni in college. And then I was like, Okay, do I don't want to be like that again.

Charlit 13:02
Was that bad?

Mei 13:02
I don't know.

Charlit 13:04
I don't remember it.

Mei 13:06
You don't remember? Oh, my God. Okay. I got so- So okay, so third year collegeKatherine got brought her PS4 to-

Charlit 13:17
She had a ps4 back then?

Mei 13:20
Yeah, man. I mean, she got her ps4 and then she set it up and then I was like, Oh my god, you got Nino no Kuni and you know, Cooney is like this. Ghibli, Ghibli-ized? Ghibli version?

Charlit 13:32
It's a Ghibli game.

Mei 13:34
It's not. Is it a Ghibli game? I thought they just like took their aesthetics.

Charlit 13:39
The Animated sequences for Dominion of the Dark Djinn and Wrath of the White Witch were produced by Studio Ghibli.

Mei 13:59
Alright, so I guess it was produced by Studio Ghibli. Anyways, I started playing it. I got-

Charlit 14:03
No, it wasn't produced by they did the animations for it. And the design.

Mei 14:06
That makes sense, because it was beautiful. So anyways, so I was playing it. And then I got so hooked I was like, hooked. And I think I played it for two solid weeks. Like, I would go to school and then come back, and I play it and I played all night. And then I go to school with like, really bleery eyes. Anyways, and at one point in time, I think I played all night. And then Charlit walked into the room and I was just like, I had melted into the couch when I was playing it, and I distinctly remember Charlit saying, "What happened to you?"

Charlit 14:47
Omg wow. I think I do remember that, also we lived in a basement. So it was like time, time had no meaning, you know?

Mei 14:55
Yeah, I know. And in that moment, I was like, What did happen to me?

Charlit 15:04
Yeah, games can do that.

Mei 15:05
Yeah, I know there's just something, just something about those games. You know, actually one of the things that I used to love about it was the fact that you had to like strategize before your battle. So you have to like, make sure that like everybody is equipped with everything you've got, like everything and then use like, go into battle and I used to just like spend hours just thinking about what would be the best armor, you know? Anyways, it was overkill. But

Charlit 15:38

Mei 15:39
before, this is a total tangent, but I want to bring it up and you can cut it out if you want. But my brother was asking me about Courage the Cowardly Dog. Did you ever watch that?

Charlit 15:48
I just saw Wisecrack video of that advertised to me like they're talking about how we still think about it. And I was like, I haven't thought about this dog since I was a child.

Mei 15:55
But did you watch the cartoon?

Charlit 15:57
Yeah, I did.

Mei 15:58
Did you like it?

Charlit 15:59
No, I would always change the channel if something better was on. Right.

Mei 16:02
Okay, so anyways, um, I think we were a little older when it was like in its full force. And-

Charlit 16:09
You and your brother?

Mei 16:10
Yeah, me and my brother. And then we would watch like, you would watch us like everything on like, why TV and Cartoon Network or whatever. So Courage the Cowardly Dog was like a really freaky cartoon like we just, it spooked the shit out of us and have no idea why like, its aesthetics are so grotesque, and I just have like, yeah, there's something really warped about it? So anyways, my brother messaged me like two days ago, and he's like, "do you remember Courage the Cowardly Dog?" And I was like, "yeah, I didn't like it." And he's like "neither to die, but I couldn't stop watching it." And then anyways, um, I guess like somebody did a video essay about how well it was something about like how courts apparently dog is like, a story about traumatized kids. Anyways, yeah. And it's like this, like I was watching a clip of it. And it's like, it's actually grotesque. And, like, I think this was right around the time, you know, Ren and Stimpy. Do you remember that?

Charlit 17:06
Those are both cartoons that I did not enjoy.

Mei 17:12
Anyway, yeah so my brother was like, yeah, it's about traumatized kids. And I was like, I don't think traumatized kids would even appreciate the aesthetic of that thing. Like, just because they're traumatized. And he's like, no, but like, we can appreciate it. Now. It sounds like okay, so it's about adults who were traumatized as kids. Because that is not a show for kids.

Charlit 17:35
Yeah, no, I was like, I want escape from this. Rugrats was something that I really enjoyed watching.

Mei 17:46
Which one?

Charlit 17:47

Mei 17:48
Oh yeah,

Charlit 17:49
Ya I loved Rugrats and I loved obviously Sailor Moon

Mei 17:54
um... I'm going to save this recording and I'm going to start a new one. Yeah because something funky is going on. So hold on. Yeah, so apparently, it was something weird was happening and also my USB my audio quality might be a little different. Oh my god. Anyways, Okay, you know what, let's just continue

Unknown Speaker 18:17
~ The episode ~

Charlit 18:25
I tried to do a really short summary.

Mei 18:27
Go for it.

Charlit 18:28
I'll do it. I'll read it. Okay. Shingo's girlfriend, Mika, is super into French dolls. But Shingo can't let the kids in class know he's cool with it. Shingo messes up, Mika gets cursed by Nephrite, Usagi gets involved and we learned Zoisite is a total Regina George.

Mei 18:49
Zoisite. Oh my god.

Charlit 18:52
Yeah, the dark Kingdom stuff is really fun. Also, that moment, there's a moment where Mamo-chan is on a date with Rei at the doll exhibit and they Mamo-chan and Nephrite like cross paths and it's like so dramatic and they both stop and look at each other.

Mei 19:10
Oh, I love it. And I Oh my god. I love how Nephrite sauces Queen B and she's just like, so salty. I just

Charlit 19:22

Mei 19:23
Yeah. Anyways, I'm so excited. I'm so excited for this darkening and thing to actually like take flight, you know, cuz I was not enjoying Shingo's story. I frankly just don't even like him. Like, I was like my brother, my brother would never say some stuff like Bye. He's not a dick. You know? I had a very sweet brother.

Charlit 19:45
Well, we can't all be perfect.

Mei 19:48
Shingo's a huge dick.

Charlit 19:50
Yo, he's like 10

Mei 19:53
And he never gets punished. No one ever tells him that you're a little shit. You know,

Charlit 19:58
He got punished by feeling bad about hurting Mika's feelings.

Mei 20:02
Like barely.

Charlit 20:03
Oh man. No sympathy from Mei.

Mei 20:08
He's just like, he just like leaves the whole thing feeling like Oh, I'm so popular you know?

Charlit 20:15
That's true.

Mei 20:15
That's how douchebags are born.

Charlit 20:17
Did you want to talk about the aesthetics of the episode?

Mei 20:20
How is it- Why? In what way? Yeah, in what way?

Charlit 20:27
you are so bad at answering these questions. You did not roll with it at all! You have these props here.

I thought the aesthetics were just like the norm there was like nothing different about it.

Okay, so in our Google Doc if you scroll down you will see two pictures of Mika and Shingo that were like, very very dramatic.

Mei 20:51
Oh, I don't know. I didn't care about it.

Charlit 20:54
omg this is so-

Mei 20:57
I think I'm more interested in like the dolls you know, because they were like so horroresque. Like they were totally went for the whole horror.

Charlit 21:04
Yeah, they were very rendered realistic dolls. Oh, but in this episode Nephrite is hot again.

Mei 21:10

Charlit 21:10
Because in Episode 16 he looked really weird. Like there's a lot of chibi-ing going on. But in this in this episode, Nephrite's hot again.

Mei 21:18
Yeah, they just made them the men more like pointy this episode and yeah, I love that. Like, oh my gosh, that whole Mamo-chan and Nephrite cross like crossing paths. Love that scene. Love it. They just look so like intense.

Charlit 21:35
Yeah, and I think I'm fully comprehending now that like, because me and Lynn watched like a really old OVA on the weekend. And like, the drawings individually were really beautiful. But the timing was completely off. Sailor Moons timing is so good that like they don't have to have that many drawings because they like, hit they hit everything at the perfect time.

Mei 22:00
Yeah. Wait, what OVA were you watching?

Charlit 22:03
Oh my god. It was so funny. Like, vampire princess?

Mei 22:09
Oh my God ever remember that!

Charlit 22:10
It was a it was an anime after that I think was like a little bit better.

Mei 22:18
Vampire Princess Miyu?

Charlit 22:20
Yeah, yeah.

Mei 22:21
Yo, this is was when like fantasy anime was like at its peak. Fantasy anime now is trash.Maybe I'm being too hard, but it's not as good.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
~Youma Hot or Not~

Charlit 22:46
Are you gonna ask me?

Mei 22:46
Were you freaked out by the Youma?

Charlit 22:48
I thought that was hot.

I don't even understand your tastes. What made you think she was hot? She was disjointed.

Yeah, okay, so the body was a mannequin. The body is not that hot, but the face. Really cool. Like if this Youma was a model. Like really cool.

Mei 23:09
I was kind of ambivalent.

Charlit 23:10
I love their hair.

Mei 23:12
Most of it. Most of their face is just covered with hair.

Charlit 23:16
It's like a heavy side bang with like those eyes. No eyebrows too. So cool. And then like almond eyes with a small pupil.

Mei 23:24
I guess...

Charlit 23:25
I love that design.

Mei 23:27
I mean it does the job, its pretty frightening. What was it? What was its attack? Like just throwing its limbs at people?

Charlit 23:34
Yeah, it was like throwing its limbs. And then like it could strangle like from far away.

Mei 23:41
Yeah like I'm failing to see like how these like Youma's are like working with the theme. You know, like before? Remember when they go to like the cram school and then there's a Youma that asks who Usagi like physics questions? Like it was so obvious.

Charlit 24:01
Oh, yeah, that's true.

Mei 24:04
But like now I mean, and then the first episode where Nephrite showed up he the human was like a tennis ball fanatic.

Charlit 24:11
I mean, this young was like a like a doll?

Mei 24:13
I guess.

Charlit 24:15
And possess? I think this yoma can like throw the French dolls Usagi.

Mei 24:21
I thought she threw her hands.

Charlit 24:23
Yeah, they also threw their hands but like, they close their eyes and then the French doll attacked and it had like pointy teeth. Do you remember that?

Mei 24:31
Oh, the vampire dolls? That was freaky.

Charlit 24:35
Yeah, when the French dolls fly? Woof

Mei 24:39
Yeah, I don't know about it. It was freaky. The whole like vibe was really freaky. And like I said it was like this close to being a horror show.

Charlit 24:47

Mei 24:47
Like the eyes the way they drew the eyes.

Charlit 24:50
The French dolls eyes?

Yeah, like nothing, or when it gets possessed, you know? Nothing in the Sailor Moon universe's eyes like that. So it's just a weird

Unknown Speaker 25:05
~Did this mean anything? let's discuss its meaning~

Mei 25:08
Yeah, so anyways, I don't know what the the whole point of it was like. What was it trying to say something but control. So this is kind of why I don't even like Shingo cuz I'm like, what are they trying to say? Where's the message here?

Charlit 25:20
I came away from it thinking like, Shingo learned to care less about what the kids in class think about him and just care about, like, his friends

Mei 25:31
How? Where? He didn't like, he didn't even there's no redemption or anything. He just like privately went and then got assaulted.

Charlit 25:43

Mei 25:44
And then she just like accepted his apology. It wasn't even on a proper apology. He was just like, "I'm sorry, I broke your doll" Not like I'm sorry. I like totally, like shafted you in front of people.

Charlit 25:59
True but in the beginning, Mika was giving him a French doll and then he got all flustered and was like "No!" and then that's when it broke. And then at the end of the episode, his Sailor Moon figurine got broke. And then when Mika gave him her Sailor Moon figurine that she made for Shingo, he accepted it very lovingly. And I feel like that was like a full circle. Kind of like,

Mei 26:25
I guess. If you look at it in, if you look at it in that light, then yeah, I guess. He's like Shingo, Shingo's like- As we're watching rewatching the show I feel like he's in the same spot as Luna. For me right now.

Charlit 26:40
So annoying?

Mei 26:42

Charlit 26:43
I also feel like there was something about pimping out kids talents, cuz Nephrite was like, "she'll make this many dolls for the coming upcoming exhibit." And then the mom was like, "Okay"

Mei 26:54
oh, I don't even understand what the thing with the dolls was like, our goals are things still?

Unknown Speaker 27:00
~ Facts of the week ~

Charlit 27:06
Oh, did you want to move into the facts section?

Mei 27:10
We can do the facts section. Yeah. Are they are they a thing?

Charlit 27:13
Okay, so first of all, I was trying to look up French dolls in Japan. And all that would come up was this woman named Vanilla Chamu who spent over 100 k on plastic surgery to look like a French doll. Like I could not find any other information because they were all talking about this woman.

Mei 27:30
Is it that lady in the little screenshot that you've posted?

Charlit 27:36
No. This is a French doll and then beside it I said "is this beauty?" because this french dolls really ugly. No, I'll send you a photo

Mei 27:47
That is just so bizarre.

Charlit 27:48
Because she, she kind of like, she vaguely looks European you know? After the plastic surgery.

Mei 27:55
Wait is she she Japanese?

Charlit 27:57
Yeah, here I'll send you this photo.

Mei 27:59
I don't know she just sounds a little like

Charlit 28:03
the articles were just click baity like she's just living her own life. She owns a bar. Like it sounds pretty chill. But all of the articles were like, "this woman spent 100,000 to looklike a French doll!!!!" And I was hoping and one of the articles like they would explain like, why a French doll but they don't they're just like, "Can you believe it?!?!? This plastic surgery!?!?!? extreme!!!!" And I was like, I don't care.

Mei 28:28
That just looks like regular plastic surgery to me though. Like, I mean, she does her makeup like you know, typical.

Charlit 28:35

Mei 28:36
like, typical manga heroin style, but

Charlit 28:39
its not that outrageous.

Mei 28:40
Yeah, it does. I don't know. I just have like some feelings about when people talk about plastic surgery. And it's just like, so much judgment. Just let her be herself. Anyways. Yeah, but that doll is not beautiful.

Charlit 28:55
Yeah, the, the french dolls are really freaky. But they're also called bisque or porcelain dolls. And they're made of partially or wholly out of bisque, or biscuit porcelain, which is just a unglazed white porcelain. So it has that like matte skin like texture, I guess. They had their peak of popularity between 1860 and 1900s with French and German dolls. But in the 1980s they had a revival with the growth of collector's markets. And then towards the end of 20th century that production moved to China and China produced inexpensive porcelain dolls that were sold at a discount to permanent chain stores.

Mei 29:36
I guess that's how porcelain dolls lost their value.

Charlit 29:39
Well they still they still had like high value in artists made dolls, but they became much less valuable if they were built in like yeah, for large large scale production.

Oh my god, but there's still that whole like doll you know subculture

Oh yeah. The the dolls that people like make and take photos to put on Instagram.

Mei 30:02

Charlit 30:03
They kind of look like porcelain too. Are they porcelain?

Mei 30:05
No, but I think it evolved from that.

Charlit 30:09
But they look anime. They don't look like French dolls. But it's interesting that I had a revival in the 80s and sailor moons like, early 90s

Mei 30:17
Ya a little bizarre

Charlit 30:18
like the timing worked out yet again.

Mei 30:22
And then in the meantime, you look up Japanese dolls and they just look like they look so... I don't know they don't they look unreal. I think that's a point.

Charlit 30:33
The ones with the black hair and blunt bangs?

Mei 30:38
They call them Ningyo. I actually remember something. One of the girls that I met here posted on her Facebook and she was like, sometimes people she said this, she said this in English. And she was like, sometimes people compliment me or try to compliment me and call me a doll. Like a Japanese doll. And she's like, I know what you mean. And that is not a compliment.

Charlit 30:57
Oh, those dolls? Oh my god. That's so funny.

Mei 31:03
Yeah, she's-

Charlit 31:04
Not a compliment.

Mei 31:08
Apparently they're really freaky. Anyways. biscuit porcelain very interesting.

Charlit 31:16

Mei 31:17
So moving on from freaky dolls.

Unknown Speaker 31:24
~ A Mamoru Moment ~

Mei 31:26
Okay, actually, yes. Speaking of relationships, were you freaked out about Mamoru dating Rei like, officially?

Charlit 31:33
Yeah. And he didn't want to be there. Like I was so confused how that happened. But I mean, she was very aggressive previously, so

Mei 31:39
But she's still 14. And he's still like, you know, in charge of his faculties. So it's not like she drugged him.

Charlit 31:49
Yeah, it's weird.

Mei 31:51
Yeah. He can't be like, he must be like, what? At least 19? At least.

Charlit 31:57
He could be 18? Maybe?

Mei 31:59
So he would have just graduated high school.

Charlit 32:03
Yeah, yeah, it's weird no matter what. Oh my god it says 17 year old college student student.

Mei 32:10
Mamoru is 17?

Charlit 32:14
Is that possible to be a 17 year old college student?

Mei 32:14
No they're just bullshitting. Where did you find that?

Charlit 32:16
Okay, it says, He dates girls. Okay. There's a I don't know what I'm on, Gizmodo? Is that reliable? "He dates girls who are way too young for him, by which we mean he's a borderline statutory rapist. It's less creepy later on whehn Mamoru is 19 and Usagi is 16. Although that's still a bit uncomfortably close to age of being unable to consent.But at the start of the series-"

Mei 32:37
Did you know, actually before we continue if did you know Japan's age of consent is 13?

Charlit 32:42
No. Oh my god. I knew that was a thing. I think some states in the US it that's similar But yeah, that's that's really young.

Mei 32:49
It's 13. Apparently, Chris is telling me that some kids are like protesting about raising the age of consent.

Charlit 32:56
Wow. That's so great!

Mei 32:57
Yeah. Because they're like, it's fucked up. And I guess like, I guess people must be taking advantage of that.

Charlit 33:03

Mei 33:05
Yeah, that's really fucked up. Anyways, so

Charlit 33:09
I don't know if I told you I found out. I was reading this manga in October called vampires. And it's like a lesbian vampire manga. Did I tell you about this?

Mei 33:17
Yeah, I think so. And it was like, I was so into it. And then I found out that the mangaka like, got good at drawing by drawing loli hentai And I was like, "no". I was so upset. But it's still really good.

I guess like acoording, by law. It's okay.

Charlit 33:38
Yeah, legally, but anyway, it says yeah, Mamoru is 17. In the beginning, and Usagi is 14.

Mei 33:47
On Gizmodo, or like?

Charlit 33:49
Gizmodo. Would they give bad information?

Mei 33:52
Oh, yeah. No, it is. He is 17 when he starts.

Charlit 33:54

Mei 33:55
Yeah, I don't think that's possible.

Charlit 33:56
Yeah. 14 is just really young. Anyway, that's not as big of a gap as I thought.

Mei 34:02
Yeah, I thought it would be at least six or seven years.

Charlit 34:05
Because that did happen in- I remember when I was in grade nine. So we were like, 14, one of my friends from elementary school was dating a grade 12 student. So that did happen.

Mei 34:15

Charlit 34:16

Mei 34:17

Charlit 34:18

Mei 34:19
How was that Okay?

Charlit 34:21
I don't know. Now that I'm thinking about it. I'm like, I guess because he was also under age. Technically, like, if you're-

Mei 34:26
from elementary school!?

Charlit 34:29
We were friends in elementary school. And then when we started high school, she was in grade nine, we were both in grade nine. And she was dating someone in grade 12. And they're like, 17/18 in grade 12.

Mei 34:40
But she started dating them in grade nine.

Charlit 34:42
Yeah, when she was in grade nine.

Mei 34:44
Oh, I've had that. I've heard that too, actually.

Charlit 34:47
Yeah. I know she was 14 because her birthday was like in December, which is one of the youngest people in our grade.

Mei 34:53
Right. Okay, so yeah, so I've heard that too. That makes sense. But grade 12... he's a college student so if he's grade 12 that means he's graduated like he's not at 17

Charlit 35:05
I've never heard of a college student being 17. So I like don't understand this, but if that's what they're saying, like, I don't know.

Mei 35:12
I think she probably just like made him 17 so it wouldn't be fucked up.

Charlit 35:15
He was like, exceptionally smart and he like advanced a grade?

Mei 35:21
Yeah, no, this is- Although you know what? Lynn was 17 when she joined college?

Charlit 35:27
Oh, my God. Was she?

Mei 35:28
for like two months though.

Charlit 35:31
Yeah, true.

Mei 35:32
Then she turned 18.

Charlit 35:34
Okay, maybe? Yeah, maybe it's one of those scenarios. His birthday is in December. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know.

Mei 35:42
Anyway, moving on from really fucked up age gaps.

Charlit 35:47
I've actually know that. Yeah, like that. That happens.

Yeah. Right. Like sometimes I tell Chris, like, you know, when you were in college, I was 12 years old and he's like "Oh, my God."

Yeah, you guys have a pretty big age gap. But you were like, well into your 20s when you started dating?

Mei 36:07
Yeah, I was. I was like, 22/23. Yeah. And it's like, you know, at some point in time, I guess it's like, This is the thing, right. Like, because we have such a wide age gap, like we talk about, like, at what point in time does it become okay,

Charlit 36:23

Mei 36:24
Yeah. And if it's like, even if there is like, let's say, let's say she is 14 and Mamoru was 24. And if she was like Rei, where she was just like, you know, or if Rei was actually super aggressive and just pursuing him. Like, would it be okay? Like, I don't know. Yeah, like who becomes a predator at what point? Did you ever watch a movie hard candy?

Charlit 36:48
No, I didn't.

Mei 36:49
Do you know what it's about?

Charlit 36:50
I'm gonna google it right now. I just got pictures of Hard Candy.

Mei 36:59
Is it hard candy?

Charlit 36:59
Yeah. 2005 It looks like because the poster is of like a younger girl in a bear trap.

Mei 37:07
It's um, it's starred.

Charlit 37:10
Elliot page?

Mei 37:11
Yeah. Elliot page.

Charlit 37:14
Oh yeah that happened!

Mei 37:16
Previously known as Ellen page.

Charlit 37:16
that news came out!

Mei 37:18
Ellen Page, now Elliott page. And he was in this movie, when they were considered a girl. And basically the whole movies about this 14 year old trying to trap a predator.

Charlit 37:30

Mei 37:31
Um, but we're not even sure. I think like if he is a predator, like she like he just she just like, in the movie. She just like, like, catches him and then she tortures him. It's really fucked up. So I don't know. Yeah, power games are weird. Like, it's like hard to gauge. Anyways, it's a really fucked up movie. So.

Charlit 37:54

Mei 37:54
Anyways, age gaps are like one of those things that people love talking about. And some people have very strong opinions about it, like really, really strong, you know, like, how it's like, morally wrong. Remember, we have that entire conversation about how people used to marry girls who are 13.

Charlit 38:13
There's so much in that like conversation, like how our beauty standards are all about looking young. And like very young.

Mei 38:20
Yeah. Anyways, I guess Ryan Monroe's relationships are going, I don't know, how is it going?

Charlit 38:28
I mean, it didn't look like he wanted to be there. Like, is it going? Well?

Well, it's a freaking exhibition. Would you??

Oh, but actually, that reminded me of what Mayu said, because he was so polite to Rei in the doll thing that he didn't even outwardly say that he didn't want to be there. were like, you know, if that was Usagi, he would be like, "you like dolls?"

Mei 38:55
Yeah, that's so true. And then she's like, Do you hate dolls? And he's like, Its not that I hate them. And then she's like, well, that's great. That's wonderful. Let's keep going.

Charlit 39:06
That would never happen with Usagi.

Mei 39:07
Yeah. I guess I guess that's like, that's a contrast they needed to provide.

Charlit 39:11
Yeah, maybe.

Mei 39:13
But then, in that same scene, we actually get like a, we get the Nephrite and Mamoru moment, and that was me.

Charlit 39:21
Yeah, that's when that happens.

Mei 39:22
Yeah, and nephrite and Zoisite. I didn't remember they were enemies.

Charlit 39:27
Oh my god. Yes. So caddy, like their relationship is tense. I can't wait for the next episode. Like I'm hoping. I'm hoping we're gonna get more Zoisite x Nephrite stuff because Nephrite really like- Zoisite planned this out so well, like he was like "Queen Beryl we should like work together to help you because like, energy, you know", and then Nephrite is like "I'm not working with Zoisite" And clean Queen Beryl's like, "Yeah, that would be great though." And then Zoisites all like, "oh, you're gonna defy Queen Beryl like she thinks it's a good idea and you're like not gonna do it?" And the Nephrites like "I don't need you!" and leaves.

Mei 40:06
There's like so much tension in that scene. It's great. Yeah. Usagi and Shingo you have Usagi and Shingo written here,

Charlit 40:15
They have such a sweet brother sister moment like usually they're just at each other's throats but like Shingo was trying to you know, kind of sulking because he like didn't know what to do. And then Usagi like, made him a drink and was like, let's talk about it. Like that was so sweet.

Mei 40:28
I don't know why hate him.

When that was happening I was like, Usagi like your brother's a little shit. Someone's gonna give him shit for being a little shit. And I just like

Charlit 40:44
you're like punish him!

Mei 40:47
It's really on Usagi's end. But that's because she's a sweet person. Shingo's just a little shit.

Charlit 40:52
He's younger.

Mei 40:53
Plus where are his parents like, aren't they parenting him?

Charlit 40:56
Because those girls who were trying to get Shingo to apologize, asked Usagi and told Usagi the whole story. So the parents don't know any of this is happening. And then Shingo like doesn't want to talk to Usagi but then Usagi's like, you better say something. Or I'm gonna tell mom and dad! So they don't know.

Mei 41:14
Anyways, don't care about him. Let's just move on. Okay, well, so let's let's just hope the plot moves towards the Dark Kingdom next episode.

Charlit 41:26
Or they're gonna completely lose you.

Mei 41:32
I'm out. Are you seeing any kind of character arcs?

Charlit 41:36
I was just gonna say the only character arcs that really happened was like Shingo, but like, we don't want to talk about that. So...

Mei 41:44
Do we even get a character arc? I don't think so.

Charlit 41:54
~How many dangos?~

Mei 41:57
Oh, yeah. How many dongles would you give it?

Charlit 42:00
I really liked this episode. So I'm gonna say 4 Dangos.

Mei 42:04
Oh my god, I'm gonna give it 3.5 only because..

Charlit 42:08
that's higher than I thought you would say cuz you really didn't like Shingo.

Mei 42:12
That's because it was like the second half was just all about, like Usagi and about the dark kingdom. And, you know, we get we get a whole bunch of glimpses about what's going on with Nephrite and Mamoru. We just, it just deviates from that a lot. And then Shingo's just like shows up at the end, incapacitated. So despite Shingo it's a 3.5. So, yeah, emotional violin playing.

Charlit 42:44
Yeah, that scene was so dramatic when the doll breaks like the lighting was so stark and then this really emotional Violin music was playing.

Yeah, I think that's kind of why I hated it so much, because the build up was so great for like, this, like huge letdown. And in the end, he just like he just, he doesn't feel bad enough and long enough for me to be like, Okay, well, that was, you know, a huge arc. Like he just ended up back kind of in the same emotional space where he was like, Oh, well, you know, I did good. So anyways, that's kind of why like, yeah, it just it just the emotional intensity just didn't pan out for me. I was more interested in the plot.

Okay, I will read the credits.

Mei 43:51

Charlit 43:55
Our opening song is She is the One Sailor Moon Theme by Alastair M. Campbell at the outro song is Moonlight Densetsu Star Locket version from the Sailor Moon OST. Thank you for continuing to listen.

Mei 44:08
Yeah, Thank you.

Charlit 44:09

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